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Gakken Science Experiment has a history of more than 60 years in the field.

Our aim is to help children between the age of 5 to 12 to discover the joy of learning. The science experiments would help to nurture their sense of inquiry, creative and inventiveness.

Our science experiments are child-driven, hands-on and activity-based because children learn and understand best from what they can see, feel and manipulate. The experiments are conducted individually, in a group or demonstrated by a teacher.

Science Experiment Classroom Concept holds three principle idea on how to help a child excel in the science subject which is, Observe, Explore, and Reflect. A child learns fastest through observation from the minute they were born.



Gakken Science Experiment Course is a fun learning experience for a child and it is filled with various interesting experiments that are designed to let a child enjoy the process of learning.

These experiments are done either individually, in a group, or demonstrated by the teacher.


Gakken Science Experiment Course imparts their knowledge in science to children through experiments. We have total of 36 themes with 360 experiments. Each of the themes, every child will get their very own science kit.