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Why Hideto Furuoka Started Gakken Classroom

The founder, Hideto Furuoka sums up his vision and values as follows;

Gakken started as a book publisher. However, it later dawned on Hidetto Furuoka that the role of a publisher does not end at the point when a book is sold. To him, a publisher has a responsibility to ensure his publications are put into good use. That's why Gakken Classroom was founded to help teachers, children and parents build stronger bonds through learning.

Today, Furuoka's passions for education lives on in Japan and is growing around the world.                                              

Hideto Furuoka
Founder of Gakken

Gakken Classroom Philosophy

In order to teach our students the joy of learning and instill confidence, we tailor our lessons to fit each individual’s potential, ensuring steady progress. The confidence gained from self-initiated learning is essential for success in today’s world.

At Gakken math program, rather than the number of problems solved, we prioritize the thinking process wherein each student discovers the solutions for him/herself.

As a result, our students learn to think and solve problems on their own. There is a big difference in children who have and have not experienced this, not only in terms of their studies but their general success in life.


Our Philosophy

In order to instill the joy of learning in children, we tailor our lessons to fit each child's potential. That's because the progress a child makes through self-initiated learning helps build self-confidence - an important trait for future success in life.

Gakken Classroom creates an environment conducive to growth and development. We provide guidance to help children learn Science and Math according to their individual abilities and progress. To achieve this, Gakken Classroom has established 4 guiding principles.