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Gakken Maths Classroom helps children develop independence in solving problems. Children learn to think and solve problems on their own. This attitude makes a big difference in children and will contribute greatly to your child's future success in life.


  • Build a solid foundation in arithmetic
  • Cultivate logical thinking skills
  • Nurture self-initiated learning.
  • Motivate children through the fun of learning math.


Featuring (5 to 12 years old)

Gakken Classroom Maths Course help preschool school children develop their logical thinking skill through learning numbers and acquiring knowledge. Our learning materials are organized and systematic to help prepare students for primary education.

Meanwhile, Gakken Classroom Maths Course also offers primary school children a complete learning experience, enabling children to strengthen their Maths foundation and develop the ability to apply Maths in real life.



Basic arithmetic like counting, order, quantity, shape and more.



Nurtures the ability to distinguish, comprehend, reason and imagine to develop logical thinking skill.


Fun & Creative Worksheets

Designed with stories and interesting illustrations to interest children in learning maths.


Deeper Understanding

Our maths programmes are thematic and systematic with step-by-step guide to help students attain a deeper understanding of maths topics.


Real-Life Problem-Solving Skills

Ultimately, our maths programmes aim at developing children's ability to apply maths in daily life.


Evaluation Exercise

At the end of each volume, children have a review test identify their learning needs and assess their individual progress.



The main contents of Math materials

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